Q. 1 : How do I post an item at Online Vigyapan?
Ans. : Click on the "Publish your ad for free" button. If you already have an Online Vigyapan account, simply login and follow the process. You will be asked to select categories and subcategories to post your item at Online Vigyapan.

You can also register free for an Online Vigyapan account by providing your basic contact information. Immediately after this very fast and simple registration process is complete you are ready to post. Posting at Online Vigyapan is FREE.

Q. 2 : How do I upload a picture?
Ans. : At the "Ad details" page where you fill in the posting form for your ad, you will find a section that will give you the option to attach a photo. If you click on the "Browse" button, a window will appear with all the files on your computer. Select the picture file that you want to upload and then open it. This will create an attachment to your picture file in your ad. To upload more pictures, click on the next “Browse” button. The picture that you place in location 1 will be the main image for your ad and will appear next to your ad title in the category listings. 

Q. 3 : How do I edit a posting?
Ans. : Login your Online Vigyapan account here see user dashboard , you can edit your postings through the "Manage your items" option in the user dashboard of the site. Please go to the item and click the "Edit" button. Once you have made and approved the changes, they will take effect immediately. You can repeat this process any time you like.

Q. 4 : How do I change a picture?
Ans. : You can edit a picture by following the steps to edit an ad. Once you are on the editing page go to the Photos section and click “Browse button” to upload a new picture.

Q. 5 : How do I remove my posting?
Ans. : If you have an Online Vigyapan account and your item sells or you simply decide to remove it, you can end your ad in the 'Manage your items' option in the Dash board of the site. Click on the delete link. and deleted your ad.

Q. 5 : Can I include personal contact information in my postings?
Ans. : Yes. You can include personal contact information in your postings, except for ads in the Personals category.